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Eric McBride - Homes

Welcome to McBride Development

Create Database Table Below


Step 1

Welcome to the front-end of the Reward Style application test for the backend developer. Feel free to browse the about me section. First we will view the front-end section of the application test. Currently Adidas is selected to be the main table used in the program but can be destroyed and a new table can be selected..

Step 2

The products page corresponds to the product feed of your choice. You should see a search feature, and three featured items on the product index page.

Step 3

Lastly, perform a search and the user should see a search based on the keyword entered. Click on any of the items to see the modaled details of the item. Due to lack of experience, some of the larger xml feeds could not be uploaded to my db This will conclude the front-end section


Step 1

Welcome to the Back End Reward Style application test for the backend developer. I have never created an REST API before. This was my first time in doing so.The Search API is based on the Advertiser generated table on the front end.

Step 2

To access the product feed(index) api link is /api/rest_products/advertiser . To access the search api the endpoint is /api/rest_products/search?keyword=KEYWORD I would like to thank you guys for the opportunity and I have learned quite a bit from the interview process with you guys at Reward Style.